Laemmle/Zeller Films began with a clear understanding of its objective: to seek out and theatrically distribute smart, interesting and provocative independent films, giving movie lovers nationwide the opportunity to see exceptional films they might not have been able to see otherwise.

The principals of the newly-formed theatrical distribution company are Greg Laemmle , President of Laemmle Theatres, Southern California 's pre-eminent specialized theatre chain, and Steven Zeller , President of GS Entertainment Marketing Group, a fully integrated movie and video marketing company specializing in independent films.

From their unique perspectives in the industry, the principals realized that the independent distribution business, while not broken, was full of holes. Worthwhile films were judged too small by the larger companies. At the same time, smaller companies were not equipped to fully capitalize on these films's potential in the marketplace.

Laemmle/Zeller Films is unique among its peers in that it is the first full-service 'virtual' distribution company. There are no corporate offices, no direct personnel and above all, no overhead. Instead, the work emanates from the two principal's primary headquarters: Laemmle's in-place personnel books theatres, ship prints and materials, determines and settles box-office collections and handle all bookkeeping. GS Entertainment Marketing Group is responsible for all marketing aspects of the films, including advertising, publicity and promotions. As such, Laemmle/Zeller Films' in-place resources and relationships are already on a par with older and larger distribution outlets.

By incorporating all marketing and distribution matters and functions into long-established, professional and well-regarded companies, Laemmle/Zeller Films does not need a constant flow of features to be successful. Rather, the company is highly selective of their acquisitions. Further, the cost savings from no overhead directly affects all films and filmmakers, ensuring maximum and higher-than-industry-standard profits.

Greg Laemmle is the President of Laemmle Theatres, LLC, the top exhibitor of art and foreign films in Los Angeles. Founded in 1938 by Greg's grandfather Max Laemmle, Laemmle Theatres began its first growth phase in the mid 60's under the guidance of Greg's father, Robert. The chain grew from a single screen in 1964 to 15 screens by the time Greg joined the company in 1992. After an aggressive expansion program, the chain now includes 47 screens owned and operated by Laemmle, and an additional 13 screens included as part of an independent booking service.

Synonymous with art house films in Los Angeles, the name of Laemmle is now linked with fine films nationwide through the company's website ( ) which - with little fanfare - routinely attracts thousands of visitors a week from throughout the country. A resource for cinephiles throughout the land, visitors to the site regularly inquire when Laemmle will expand into their community. Actively involved in the industry, Greg currently serves on the Board of Directors of Film Independent, where he is actively involved with the organization's film festival.

Steven Zeller is the President of GS Entertainment Marketing Group (, an aggressive film and video marketing company. Their services include international, national, local and unit publicity, promotion, product placement, merchandising, licensing, corporate tie-ins, advertising and - what separates them from all other marketing companies - their very own, exclusive field network. In the more than 18 years GS Entertainment Marketing Group has been in business, the company has represented literally hundreds of films, including "The Full Monty," "Waking Ned Devine," "Swimming with Sharks," "Strictly Ballroom," "Shiloh," "You Can Count On Me," "Saving Grace," "The Eyes of Tammy Faye," "Boy's Don't Cry," "The Omega Code," "Latter Days," "Secretary," "Nowhere in Africa," "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," "Dogville," "A Day Without A Mexican," " Me and You and Everyone You Know, " " Mad Hot Ballroom", "Wordplay" and “Beaufort,” the Israeli nominee for Best Foreign Film for the Academy Award. The company also represents Outfest, one of the largest film festivals in Southern California , the Slamdance Film Festival and The American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival.


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